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Vaxxel R&D program to address the global need in vaccine against pneumoviruses is based on two proprietary technologies :


Metavac® Vaccine platform

From its expertise in virology and paypal-casinos support, Vaxxel developed a proprietary live-attenuated viral platform based on an engineered recombinant HMPV strain. This proprietary Metavac® platform is versatile by modifying its genome in order to express additional viral antigens of interest, such as the F antigen of HRSV.


Bioproduction platform

Vaxxel acquired from Transgene the DuckCelt®-T17 avian cell line, permissive to several viruses, including pneumoviruses and producing high yields of Metavac®-based vaccine candidates, while preserving its immunogenic properties. This cell line growing in suspension and serum-free conditions presents suitable characteristics for industrial scalable production in bioreactor.

Scientific publications

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